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6 Common Mistakes New Cat Owners Make


Cats may appear to be independent and easy maintenance pets, but they need love, affection, and care like any other pet you may adopt. If you are curious about adopting a new furry friend or have just picked one up and are looking for things to avoid, you have come to the right place! Cats are caring, smart, and unique pets with interesting personalities that need to be cared for properly.

Mistake #1: Not getting your cat spayed or neutered.

This is a medical necessity. Getting your pet fixed helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as keeps the pet population under control. Once spayed or neutered your cat will likely be less aggressive and more welcoming to houseguests. No one wants a cat that scares away their friends when they come over for a party!

Mistake #2: Having your cat declawed.

This surgery is quickly becoming banned in many states across the country because of how inhumane this is to do to your pet. This is not just the removal of the claws, but this will remove the cat’s knuckle. This surgery initially causes you to put a great deal of pain as their nerves go up through the claw that has since been removed.

Mistake #3: Not letting your cat be themselves.

Cats have unique personalities. They need to scratch and be explorative. You need to go out and get them a scratching post and provide them a place to run and hide and pretend to be hunters. They need a lot of space to run around and hide behind things to jump out and play hunt. They need to have space to climb up higher and see everything around them. This all costs more money than the cat owner’s typically expect!

Mistake #4: Letting your cat roam free outside without supervision.

Always supervise your cat when they move about freely in the yard or in the neighborhood. Having an outdoor cat can open them up to new diseases and potential altercations with feral cats. If they are going to be indoor and outdoor cats be sure that they are up to date on all of their vaccinations.

Mistake #5: Not properly taking care of your cat’s litter box.

This can make your cat sick. Their litter box shouldn’t just be changed when it smells or when your cat has kicked out most of the litter. It needs to be cleaned out at least once a day to prevent infections or your cat giving up on the litter box and just going to the bathroom wherever they choose.

Mistake #6: Not bringing the cat to the vet for annual visits and to get their shots.

Cats need more maintenance than most new owners expect. There are cat-specific shots that they need to get. After getting fixed they tend to put on weight a little easier so you will need to take them every single year for their annual examination to make sure their blood work is all fine.