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6 Effective Time Management Strategies

6: Map out your weeks on Fridays

Try to get into the useful habit of planning the next-coming week on Fridays the ongoing week before you lose focus during that, surely well-deserved, weekend break. Scheduling together with your mind distracted is often a bore and take longer and energy. On Friday you are still in the process of executing the tasks at hand: your short-term vision is better, you can prioritize and assess what needs to be done and how. As a bonus, you’ll spend the weekend feeling calm and ready.

5: Get enough sleep and attend bed at constant time

If you want to be organized and productive, you need to stick to healthy sleeping patterns. Go to bed at the same time, preferably not later than midnight if you work 9 to 5. No, don’t think you need to hit the sack on the stroke of time each weekday sort of a well-drilled soldier. Just turn in from a specified time-slot: let’s say 10.30 to 11 o’clock. Gradually, you’ll even train your body to wake without the alarm within the morning.

4: Keep journals for important tasks

Many people use personal journals as a therapy tool and how to stay track of their lives. Pouring down our experiences and emotions on paper help to sort ourselves out. Doing that, people often realize that diaries also are a decent planning tool. You may even keep separate journals for occupational activities and private goals. Write down your to-do lists and schedules there and follow your progress.

3: Create a short plan for tomorrow

A short to-do list for the day ahead is another effective time-creating trick. Jot down things you want to do and strike them off in the day. Keep it manageable. Perhaps, you’ll get to carry over an item or two to the next-coming list. But you will also see how much you can accomplish, and feel motivated. You know how they are saying that to eat an elephant, you’ve got to try and do it bit by bit. That’s it. This strategy will assist you to try and do more within a given period without over-working.

2: Complicated stuff first

If you decide to tackle complicated tasks first, you will be moving from difficult to easy. Do not postpone things that require more effort later. Take the bull by the horns if you must, and relax afterward. Putting it off, you’ll still worry about what must be done, and thus fritter your energy away unnecessarily. If you don’t know or where you must start, start somewhere, anywhere. The rest will come to you. Procrastination is a tremendous time and motivation killer. Avoid it at all costs.

1: Plan to make the most of uncalled breaks

Benefit from unplanned breaks or interruptions within the usual flow of your day. Think of how you’ll fill within the ‘idle’ time spent on a bus or during traffic congestion behind the wheel. We hate waiting once we have important stuff to do. instead of fret and fume, spend your time productively. You can practice listening comprehension during a foreign language, or meditate, or maybe make a couple of important calls.

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