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7 Proven Natural Ways to Improve your Memory

07: Making Breaks

Do you notice an occasional memory lapse? Or you are not satisfied with your overall cognitive performance? You dwell with problems, trying to focus yet… We have all been taught that to get somewhere in life, you need to work hard. Some of us turned into workaholics who just cannot stop when their brain most needs a break. But toiling away creates less value than resting to pick up where you have left off with refreshed mental energy. Productivity is but a limited resource. Luckily, it can be replenished: take a rest!

06: Learning New Things

The brain likes to learn new things – to make new neural pathways. Especially so, if your daily grind is full routine tasks not providing sufficient satisfaction. That takes its toll on your brain, too. So furnish it with something interesting, for a change. How about, say, computer coding?

05: Exercising

You have probably heard this one repeatedly, yet it’s remarkably vital that we cannot skip it either. Regular workout enhances not only your physical well-being but the mental ability as well. Do not get only your mind to sweat – switch to physical activity.

04: Meditation

Living in a world of non-stop information is extremely wearying, and your brain can slip. But there is a cure. One of the simplest yet powerful techniques to improve your cognitive function is called meditation. That does not say sitting in a lotus position, harmonizing mantras. Meditation is just about slowing down the information flow that goes through your brain, ideally stopping it for a while completely. You can shift into a meditative state of mind with the help of calming music, natural tones, or through the visuals. Pick out a method that suits you best. Even 10 minutes per day will serve a huge difference.

03: Good Sleep

Along with the informational overload, sleep deprivation is one of the main culprits in cognitive deterioration. If you do not sleep enough and well, you are bound to notice your memory performance gets worse. If you do not sleep the recommended 7 to 9 hours a day, change your habits now. Has difficulty fallen asleep? Try to set a fixed time for turning in. Do not eat directly before going to bed. Sleep in a well-ventilated room as dark as possible; use blackout curtains, if you should too.

02: Training the Brain

When was the last time you resolved a crossword puzzle or played a memory game? By the way, these are quite effective ways to improve your memory. Today we have access to infinite computer apps. Challenging your brain strengthens neural pathways, and boosts your mental abilities.

01: Healthy Eating

To function properly, your brain needs proper nutrients. But if you just thought of glucose, you are so wrong. Yes, the brain does need it, but it cannot run on coffee loaded with sugar all the time. That is just a quick but exhausting fix to give your brain an energy boost. You want to feed it something more substantial: nuts, fatty fish, avocado, dark leafy greens.

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